Easy Project, Task, and Sub Task Entry


I love to just download tasks and projects into my task manager. I really like the ease of entering “Tasks” into Asana in outline form and would love to see that expanded to entering projects and sub projects/tasks. (Similar to GTDnext.com) Where entering a task and then moving down to the next task but pressing Tab first, indents the task under the one above and creates a Project. When entering tasks under that project pressing Tab again would create a subproject out of the line above (still under the main project) and a sub task out of the current line.

This would allow basically a “brain dump” to be able to happen with very minimal clicking and deciding how to organize your thoughts into projects, vs sub tasks, vs tasks etc.


@Shayanna_Greer I will be presumptuous and assume that you meant a tab would create a subtask of the task above it. This indeed would be a nice feature.