Easy Due Date Button


Most of the tasks I assign, I give an automatic two week deadline and it’s kind of a pain to have to navigate through the calendar and select a date certain.

It would be really neat if you could just select a pre-determined due date when assigning tasks, like “one week,” “two weeks”, or “one month”.

Just sayin’




I like this.

Question: Would you prefer a pre-determined date selector (button or pulldown) or would you rather more flexibility with natural language date input.

So in the due date field you could type:

  • next week
  • two weeks
  • next month
  • two months
  • next thursday

And for repeating:

  • every tuesday
  • every 4th
  • every 3 months

I’d love it if you could do this on task input:

New task:

“Download TPS cover letter on Friday at 1PM” and the task gets created as “Download TPS cover letter” with a due date of Friday and due time of 1PM.


I would just want a pre-determined date selector button or pull-down. Anything that makes me type just slows me down…