Easily view which tasks have been added when


I was scrolling to the (endless) forum and couldn’t find an answer to my question.

In the progress report I can see the number of tasks that have been added or completed on a specific day. I’m looking for an easy way to view which tasks have been added or completed on that day. For example - if 7 tasks have been added to the project this week, I would like to see which tasks have been added, but without going task by task to view the creation date.

So, it would be nice to have some sort of tickbox to view the creation date of the tasks in the total overview and sort by it. Or, maybe this is already possibly in a very easy way within a project?

Or maybe some activity log with filters within the project? Tasks created, tasks completed, et cetera?



Hi @Dennis_Sievers, thank you for reaching out!

We are currently testing a new way to display more clearly who created the task. I’ll keep you posted as soon as this is implemented.

Have a great Monday!

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Would be of great use, thanks @Natalia!

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Hi @Dennis_Sievers!

I just realised I gave you the wrong answer to your question :see_no_evil:. I really apologize for that.

My answer was related to the the way you can identify who has created the task. You can now see it more clearly in the Task itself.


Regarding what you were really asking :hugs:, you could use Advanced Search to view either

You can save those search as Reports if you want to use it regularly. You can find more information about using Advanced Search as Reports in the following article: https://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/search#gl-reports

I hope this helps! I apologize again for the confusion. Have a great Wednesday!

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