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If you are assigned 300ish tasks per week, plus notifications on existing tasks etc that arent directly assigned to you etc, how do you navigate to them easily? Inbox is crammed full, often i find myself using the advanced search feature and guess/check on keywords that i think might be in the existing task to find it?

Thank you

Hi :wave:
Do you archive notifications in Inbox after reading them? That could be a game changer in your case. You could also run an advanced search for task assigned to you for example, and start from there.

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HI Bastien, yes I archive based on importance. I get assigned many tasks a week automatically via imports etc. Was wondering if you there was like a favorites section or something similar to the favorites sidebar as a project

What do you mean?

I am using Today and Upcoming for things I want to work on, the rest goes to Later with a due date.

By imports i mean, csv files that automate assigning of tasks, usually more than one task to many different folks.

The date tool is great for action items, I do use that method as well. I guess main issue is informational type tasks or tasks assigned perhaps not always to yourself, but updates you need to be aware of etc. when those are in your inbox or you archived them its hard to find them without using advanced search feature and or remembering title

So your main issue is just that you need to deal with too many things right? You could have private projects like “Urgent”, “Important”… and you multi-home the tasks into those projects. You’ll be the only one to see it!

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Hi @William_Henderson and welcome to the Forum!

Here are a few things that might help:

  • Systematically clear all notifications from your Inbox so you avoid notifications building up. If there is something you want to “keep”, create a follow-up task instead directly from your Inbox (See screenshot below). You can then create a Section dedicated to Follow-up tasks in your My Task to easily find them when you need to.
  • When using the Advanced Search, make sure to fill up as many criteria as you can (for example if you know the tasks has a specific custom field, or you know you’re colleague is following it too). If you’re not familiar with all crietria available, have a look at this article from our Guide: https://asana.com/guide/help/fundamentals/search
  • If you haven’t yet, add your vote to the following thread: More filtering options to filter Inbox notifications

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


Awesome, thank you both