Easily Clear Search Results and Return to Previous View

Hello, periodically I’m searching for numerous tasks and updating them in succession. When I do this, Asana takes me to a search view that shows all the results. However, when I want to return back to the “Tasks” view without any search filter applied it seems like the only way to do that is to use navigation on the left to click on the project name again. Am I missing something?

Seems like I should be able to hit Esc, click on a little “x” in the search bar or something to clear the search criteria and return me to the default view.

Thanks for any tips!

From desktop/laptop app there is a tiny < and > way up in the left corner to move back through your previous screens. (I didn’t notice this for a while of using Asana and it was really irritating me. Then one day I found it one day by accident!)
iOS has the same < button. (Which I also didn’t notice for a while.) :woman_shrugging:
(I hope this is what you were asking about)

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Thanks, Mikayla. I’ve been wondering about that for a while.
Not surprisingly, the standard browser back button in the web version appears to work the same way, although for some reason it never occurred to me to try that until now because, like @Matt_Jansen, I was expecting there to be a special custom button for that function.

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