Easiest way to get form to reply?

Currently using a project with a form for some light weight helpdesk duties. Works quite well and easy to use. One issue is a bit of a lack of feedback for the users.

Not necessarily looking for automatic updates on the submitted task at this point but would just want them to get a generic thank you message for submitting it. Just so they know that it’s in the system and not forgotten. :wink:

Hi @Johan_Porath and welcome to the forum!

Currently, sending an email confirmation to a form’s submitter is not possible in Asana. You can vote for that enhancement here:

That capability is, however, available in the Forms Support function of my Flowsana integration. Among other form-related features, you can send a customized email reply to form submitters. You can see more about Flowsana’s Forms Support here:


Voted and I will check flowsana out and see if it’s what we are looking for.

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