Easier ways to move subtasks between tasks in different projects



It would be fantastic if we could have a way to assign subtasks to new parent tasks from the action menu on the subtask itself, or add it as a subtask via an @ link or task URL directly on the destination parent task.

I often have to move subtasks between parent tasks that live in different projects, and the current drag and drop workflow is pretty frustrating.

  1. Add the subtask to the same project as the destination parent task
  2. Find the destination subtask and open it in the center pane
  3. Find the migrated subtask amongst the other tasks in the same project
  4. Be careful not to open the migrated subtask, or click on another task in the project. If you do, start over at 2.
  5. Drag and drop the migrated subtask to the parent subtask

I’d be super stoked if this were a 1 step workflow where you could paste a task link into the subtask field when creating a subtask.


I have a similar issue. I would like to bulk-add my sub-tasks under a given task to a different proejct (my use case:I have a features coding and deployment agile management board project, and I want to use another bug tracking project to process and debug the bugs from any of the features from the agile board. Either there should be provided an option to multi-select the subtasks from the task card and directly add them to a project (i tried Tab+P when teh sub-tasks were bulk-selected, but that only edits the project assignment of the task) or there should be an option to assign a sub-task ‘project’ for a given project, so that any sub-tasks created automatically go to that sub-task project. (Odoo provides a version of this, however they are limited in that they can only have 2 levels of subtasks)


Hi @Mori_Yagi,

I’ve some great news for you! We now have a feature allowing you to easily move a subtask to a different parent task; check out this post to learn more about it!


Awesome! Looking forward to trying out the new workflow. Thanks @Marie :grinning: