E-Mail Notifications for Projects

Is it possible to only receive notifications for tasks assigned to me within a project? Currently when a task within a project is assigned to someone, everyone in the team gets the notification which is blowing up our email boxes.

That is weird… Are you all followers of all tasks?

How do I check that?

If you go to any task, you would appear at the very bottom of the task in the right pane.

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If you have a group of employees on a template each time that you create a new project from that template you will all be notified. At the top of the project that is the template you would see all of the individuals that are on that template so you can remove yourself from the template which will help the email notifications. You can also set up your email notifications so you just get a daily summary of your tasks that are due. That works well for me. I also have the browser notifications on while I am working throughout the day so I will get a notification from the side of the monitor if someone has added me to a project or commented on a conversation.

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