E-Mail-Domain is not recognized as organisation


I’m running a small business with my sister at the e-mail domain like firstname-lastname.de

I have registered two e-mail addresses in my account with this e-mail domain firstname-lastname.de, as does my sister with her e-mail address name-of-sister@firstname-lastname.de

Now I would like to convert the account that was registered to me long before, into a company with just this e-mail domain. But it doesn’t work, the pop-up window only ask to enter a company e-mail domain, but firstname-lastname.de IS our company e-mail domain.

What’s wrong here please?
Thank you.

Hello @BeeCee welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:
Sorry to hear about the issues you are facing.

In this case I definitely recommend reaching out to Asana Support as they have more tools and insight so they will be able to assist you :slight_smile:


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