Dynamic Scheduling in Asana

Is there a way to do dynamic scheduling in Asana similar to MS Project? So If I know the estimated duration of a task, and the start date, Asana will auto-populate the end date? And If I mark a task dependent on another task, will the start / end dates auto-update based on when I move the dependent task?
Also, and this would be a super nice to have, can you set the dependent task + / - “x” days / months / etc. (i…e, have dependency based on FS, SF, FF, SS)?
My company wants me to use Asana instead of MS Project, but so far I cannot see how Asana offers the same dynamic scheduling capability / features as MS Project. The big piece of the puzzle that is missing in Asana is the ability to set a task start date and duration and have the end date auto-populate based on those 2 inputs (and be able to set “working days” so it does not account for weekend days when calculating “end date”). So figured I’m missing something and am asking the experts!

Thank you!

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