Dynamic links in a template project

Is there a way to create a link to a task in a project template, and when the template is copied, a new task’s link still in there?

For example:
My task list:

  1. Write name
  2. Send (1) an email

Person 1 is assigned to write a name, and person 2 is assigned to send the name an email.
Person 2 doesn’t want to have to look for the project to click on task 1, and figure out the person’s name, so person 1 copies the link to task 1 into the description of task 2.

Person 2 can just click on the task to link back the previous task and figure out the info.

Although this seems simple with just 2 tasks, what if my project had 50 tasks, and all of them had to use the info from task 1? How could I easily link back to task 1?


Each task has a distinct URL that can be put in a text Custom Field or in the Description Field of a task. I believe when a Custom Field has a URL a little icon when clicked pops up show “Visit Link”. So you can put the URL in a Custom Field. One downside I believe that when the URL Visit Link is clicked it opens another window in a Custom Field whereas if put in the Description it does not open a new Asana window and puts the name of the task associated with the URL. I have tried to put a URL in a drop down Custom Field and it does not work. So if you really want tasks pointing back to a master task it appears you will either have to copy and paste the URL or @mention in each of the description fields or create a text based Custom Field knowing it will open another window (at least in my Chrome browser).Linked%20Master%20Task