Dynamic Due Dates for Task Templates based on desired Start or End Date?

Asana currently provides dynamic due dates for Project Templates based on either a desired Start or End date. This makes it easy to manage the important dates for the Project and all of its associated Tasks, as everything within the Project will be populated with the dates needed meet the desired date based on a pre-defined template. However, this feature does not extend to Asana’s Task Templates.

As of now, Task Templates only provide dynamic due dates base on the day the task is created. This is not a useful function when working within an ongoing project such as an editorial calendar, a social media calendar, or a content marketing calendar. These are ongoing projects which do not have clear start or end dates but DO have clear start/end dates for the deliverables that make up the ongoing project. These are things like a podcast episode, YouTube video, or blog post which are not big enough to be considered “projects” on their own, but need to be planned week-over-week.

I think Asana should add dynamic due dates to Task Templates so that all of the subsequent subtasks in a template will auto-populate with the necessary dates to meet a desired start or end date for the task. This is the same exact function as the Project Template, only it works at the Task > Subtask level, and not just the Project > Task level. This makes it easier to stay on track for deliverables in an ongoing project such as a Content Calendar, wherein something like a weekly YouTube video or Blog post can have its associated subtasks easily managed.

Anyone else agree?

HI @Omaralexis, thanks for the taking the time to provide this feedback! :clap:t2:

Hopefully this is something we can implement for Task Templates in the future! As you know, this is a relatively new feature so feedback like this is so important for our Product team to decide where to go next with updates! :slight_smile:

I’ll come back to this thread if any updates are made :slight_smile:


Totally agree! Having dynamic due dates for task templates with dependencies is a must!

@Rebecca_McGrath Hi! Is this something that has been implemented into Asana since this post was created? If so, I would love any resources on how to leverage it!

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Hi @Jewell_Budde, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Relative due dates for task templates based on start/end dates in not yet available. You can, however, set relative due dates based on when the task was created: Task Templates • Asana

I’ll keep this thread updated if this feature is implemented :slight_smile:

We work for a fixed date because dynamic didn’t give good results. We put good time for making the work.