Duplicating workspaces

I looooooove Asana, but as a brand and marketing consultant, the ability to easily duplicate entire dashboards would be an absolute game changer. I have a master dashboard which I continually update and improve. When I onboard a new client, I manually cut and paste each team, project, section and task to a client email to create a client organisation. This takes about 3 hours. If with one click I could duplicate the entire master and assign it to a new email address Asana would make my day!!! I have tried the 3rd party apps suggested to do this and it is clunchy and always has tones of errors. Please help :slight_smile:

Hi, @Ric_Moxon - Could you clarify what you mean by “dashboard”? Are you referring to all the teams and projects in a “workspace”? The workspaces / organizations are the options you see when you click the drop down at the top right.

I also worked as a marketing consultant for a bit. When I onboarded a new client, I simply created a “Team” and all the needed projects (which I duplicated from my project templates) and made sure they only had visibility to that one team and only the projects in that team that they needed to see. Is that an option for you? It keeps it worlds simpler than creating new workspaces.

However, if you must for some reason create a workspace, you can use https://ditto.kothar.net to transfer your projects (UPDATE: Thanks @lpb for the reminder. Kothar Labs has released a new version of project migration called “Ditto”. Link is updated. Here’s the info: Ditto now in open beta - 'Kothar v2.0'). I use Kothar all the time and it works about 96% perfectly. One fault I have noticed is that it doesn’t retain sections as “sections” in a list project. It simply demotes them to tasks. But, apart from that, it all seems to work perfectly.

If those solutions are not what you are looking for, please share a few more details and I’d be happy to help think of other ideas.

Bryan Bennett

Just a quick note to mention that the Kothar reference should probably be updated to:

because the author of those tools recommends Ditto as doing a more complete job (maybe up to 4% more perfect!!)


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