Duplicating Tasks results in Error Message

While trying to use the API to duplicate a Task i receive the following message.

“You have made too many requests recently. Please, be chill”.

I need to clarify though , that this message comes as a response only when i try to use the Duplicate EndPoint , whenever i try anything else (Eg. get / create a Task , a Project , etc) i can do it without any issues. According to the API specification i should get a Job Repsonse which i can track but i never got anything else except the above message.

You get that message when you reach 1500 calls within 1 minute for a premium account, or 150 for a free account. Just wait a little and try again.


This is a premium account and my issue is certainly not related to quota , since at the same time i am getting this error all other API requests succeed without any issues. As explained above , this is only happening on the “duplicate” end point.

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I think it is a little bit more complicated than that, and the “cost” of the request is actually computed. So 1 call to duplicate might result in a thousand objects being touched. See “Cost limits” on Asana

That being said, you can’t really “paginate” your duplication… :thinking:

That effectively means that we can not use the API to duplicate not even a single Task due to the “Costs Limits” , cause i am getting this response while , simply , trying the CURL example found inside the Duplicate Docs , but using a valid to our Corporation Task ID. (Note : I have a few hundreds that i have to duplicate and doing it by hand is not an option.)

Even if the “Cost Limit” is the culprit , there is an actual issue with its implementation. The reason is that the Tasks at hand , have a few custom text fields (not more than 30 characters each) , a single note (not more than 100 characters) and are only manually connected with one simple Project to inherit those Custom Fields. So if a Task like that is reaching the “Costs Limit” something is not working as expected according to the " The vast majority of developers will be unaffected by the cost limit" found in the docs. In my eyes this is a very simple “query” and not something that should be treated specially.

Nevertheless , i have already accomplished my task with a Work Around. I wrote a Deep-Copy class and with the help of a few endpoints that work fine (GetTasks , GetTask , CreateTask , search , etc) i was able to create a custom duplication procedure. But i would certainly prefer using the Duplicate EndPoint in the future than my Custom implementation.

@Joe_Trollo can you confirm or not my analysis and help @Thanasis_Manos? thanks!