Duplicating date-based project


One of our products is a 9-month consulting package. We use the same process with each org that signs a contract. Right now, I create a timeline project for each org because the due dates of tasks are based on when they sign the contract.

When we get a new contract, I duplicate a previous project but then I have to go in and adjust all the due dates to align with when the new org signed their project.

It’s incredibly tedious, and I feel like it creates a lot of room for error. Did I mention it’s tedious? :slight_smile:
I’m wondering if there’s a more efficient way for me to do this? Does anyone else have experience trying to do something similar?

Thank you!

Yes, it’s tiresome. There are some options:

  1. Work in timeline view, and drag batches of tasks (usually 1 screenful)

  2. Export project, adjust dates in Excel or some other modern tool, and then re-import

  3. Use a template, and give it a new start date

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Hi @Abigail_Taylor,

Per #3 on @Stephanie_Oberg’s list: your scenario is exactly what Project Templates were designed for. Have you tried them and is there a reason they don’t work for your use case? If so we might be able to help advise you on that.


Create a project template - you choose one date (either start or finish) for your project and then all of the tasks will be created with due dates reflected of predetermined times you have set either before the due date or after the start date you determine.

So quick and easy!!

@Becky_Manson - alright, so you’re saying if I create a template timeline project that has dependencies & due dates built-in, when I duplicate the project and change the very first due date in the project, the rest of the due dates will automatically adjust?


If you create a template you can input tasks like this [AFTER]


unfortunately can currently only be one or the other…

Then when you use the template you choose a date
Then depending whether you have the tasks set to go before or after the master date the dates will autopopulate…

I hope that helps??

also a handy quick video here :slight_smile: @Abigail_Taylor

Ooohhh! Awesome. Thank you.

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