Duplicating/Copying tasks take ages




I have noticed that lately duplicating/copying tasks or subtasks takes quite a lot of time, and often I get the message:

Your task is taking longer than expected to be copied. We’ll send you an email with a link to the task once it’s finished.

It means that to copy a simple subtask it can take almost few minutes (if not more). The issue is not consistent; sometimes the copy is done super quickly, some other times it lags at no end.

The funny thing is that if I search for the task name when I still don’t see it, the task appears.
Is there anything I am doing wrong in my account?

My main issue with this is that sometimes I need to duplicate/copy a task to start adding info straight away (I use asana as CRM as well, so I may want to take notes for a new customer)



there are people physically copying your task behinds the scenes, that is why it takes so long. They use bricks and mortar, and lay one task upon the other task, with a layer of glue in between, the only reason it can take so long.


Hi @carlo - sorry for the delay here. This is a bug! We’ve filed a bug ticket for it and our engineers will get to fixing that asap. :slight_smile:




Is there an update on the bug fix? This is def hurting the use of this solution when working with large scale planning where there is repetitive tasks for multiple business units.


Good question! I’ll look into it. :slight_smile:


@carlo @elaux I checked. Ideally we’ll have this updated in the next week or so! :smiley:


Any news?


The update has been pushed to later this month but it is at the top of our product team’s list. Literally. :wink:


@carlo don’t know if this will help, but refreshing the page does it for me. I do a lot with template tasks and projects so this bug has been a bit of a bummer. I am sure the fix will be out soon, but until then as soon as I copy a task I refresh the page and it pops up. Again, not ideal, but a work around for right now.


I’m STILL having this issue so it appears the bug has yet to be fixed. Is it still being worked on? Even small task lists can take 20 minutes to duplicate. Even worse, they often just appear to time out.


Hi Greg - We’re sorry to hear this is still an issue for you. Our engineers are prioritizing performance updates and chipping away at improvements, so hopefully sooner rather than later copying tasks will speed up. If you’re interested, here’s a blog post from earlier this year that talks about how we’re trying to continue to make improvements



Thanks for the quick response. You actually responded faster than Asana was able to duplicate 5 tasks. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I notice that the system gets stuck on the “This is taking longer than expected…” message box, but if you hit refresh, the error message goes away and the tasks have actually been duplicated.

Thus, the delay might simply be with the error message, not the task duplication process itself.


I am having the same issue once in a while and it is definitely just the message box. The tasks usually get copied immediately. If you have two screens (or enough space on one) you can check this using two different browser windows. :wink:


Hello from June 2018! This also happens to us, and most of the time it doesn’t copy fully. We only notice it is missing tasks too late. Will this be fixed? Help!