Duplicating a template based on Dependencies

Is there a way to automatically duplicate a template project piecemeal based on completed tasks?
I.E. The template Project has 5 sections and 5 tasks in each section. When creating a new project ideally we would like only section 1 to duplicate and then section 2 after you complete all the tasks in section 1 and so on.

If we make a change in the template, say section 4 task 3 we don’t want to have to go and manually make that change to all live projects especially, if most of them are still only up to section 1 or 2.

So basically you want to update a template and push the changes to all the projects that used it? It does not exist in Asana, you could achieve something similar using Zapier but that would be very cumbersome to setup and maintain…

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Hi @Richard_Skinner, as it stands, it’s currently not possible to duplicate templates based on dependencies. I’ve gone ahead and moved your thread so other people can also support this request. Don’t forget to also cast your vote!