Duplicating a Sections & their Associated Tasks

Inside a project, is there a way to duplicate a Section and all of the tasks underneath that Section?
When I highlight the Section & the tasks underneath, then hit TAB-N, only the Section gets duplicated… then I have to manually duplicate the tasks, then move them around inside the project.!

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Hi @Alicia_Neumann, welcome to our Forum! That’s correct, when you use the Tab-N shortcut, you are simply creating a new Section. To duplicate multiple tasks, you can multi-select them and use Ctrl/Command + C and Ctrl/Command + V to copy/paste them. However, I’m afraid the Sections wouldn’t be copied over.

Please note that when you duplicate multiple tasks at the same time, the subtasks don’t copy over either.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions! :slight_smile:

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When you duplicate the tasks with Ctrl/Cmd C&V as @Vanessa_N suggested, only the task name will be copied. If you want to keep the details such as subtasks, multi-homed projects, dependencies, etc., you’d need to use the “Duplicate task” option for each task and select/deselect corresponding fields.

And it’s unfortunate that subtasks are no longer copied. If you are using Google Chrome, it’s a little quicker to convert a task to a section with my Chrome extension, Asana Navigator: