Duplicated form overrides original / is missing

I created a lengthy form and wanted to use it as a base for a second form.

  1. Form created > Filled out > Done
  2. Form menu > Duplicate form
  3. Edit duplicate form
  4. Duplicate form > done
  5. Open above duplicate form to check and now it only shows “name” and “email” fields

What did I do wrong and is it possible to recover the duplicate form with all of my edits? It was a lot of work and I just cannot wrap my head around that that info was somehow wiped from the form but the app seemed to insert new fields that I had not originally chosen.


Welcome, @Elu, and sorry to hear this.

Try this:

  • Got to Home page via left sidebar or Tab+H
  • Click Customize and add Forms widget to Home; close Customize
  • In Forms widget, change dropdown to Recent
  • View each form listed and see if the missing one is found

If not, Try these troubleshooting steps, then email support@asana.com referencing this post and providing any details like the form name, etc.

Hope that helps,


The form was not found, unfortunately. Any duplicates created seem to simply edit the original form and not create a new form. Is there a setting beyond Duplicate > edit form > done that will create a truly new form with inherited details?

I just tried to replicate your issue and could not; for me it works the expected way, not as you described, so my last recommendation (troubleshooting; support) still holds.

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