Duplicate templates in mobile app

Hi, I’m new to asana and seem to find it impossible to duplicate templates in the app which is critical to our use if the system since our field managers use asana only by phone. Is it possible to do this?

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Hi @jerome_hromiak - Welcome to Asana and to the Community! We’re currently striving to make our mobile app experience more consistent with our desktop experience. At this time the mobile experience is not identical to the desktop when it comes to templates. However, I encourage you to visit Asana’s release notes and blog from time to time in order to hear what we’re working on and what has been updated.

Thanks Alexis! Is there a way to put this into the dev queue for a release since I would think it would strongly enhance the user experience. Any way i can help to escalate to put into dev?

Hey @jerome_hromiak; Michael from Asana here.

I suggest taking a look in our #productfeedback category to see if this. Our mobile team is always working on improving our app so your feedback is important to us. If there is no post asking for the ability to copy Projects/Templates in our App, then I definitely encourage you to do so!

Hope this helps!

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Bump! same issue, any resolve on this?


How does a user duplicate a template in the desktop/browser version? Is this possible without creating a project from a template then saving as a new template?

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