Duplicate task in Workload View

There used to be an option to right click and duplicate tasks is Workflow view - why has this been removed? We now have to open a task to duplicate it and when you’re using the Workload view to plan thousands of hours of work, those additional mouse clicks mean a world of difference!

It seems like useful features get removed and they aren’t replaced by anything else useful.

Hi, @Amy_Cookson Thank you for providing the feedback.

Do you mean that you could duplicate tasks in the Workload not a workflow by clicking to a right click before?

If so, unfortunately, we don’t support it now. Hopefully, it’s something our product team can implement in the future.

Sorry, yes, that’s the one! Do you know if/when it might be looked at to put back into the pipeline? Alternatively, will there ever be a shortcut key to duplicate a task in its place?

Hi, @Amy_Cookson We don’t have any public plan to tell, but I will pass this request on to the product team. I will let you know if there is any update in the future :slight_smile: )