Duplicate sections in your project!

Hi! I’m Christine, Forum Leader, Services Partner, and avid Asana users for 10 years now! I’m excited to be part of this feature announcement!

Asana is introducing the capability to duplicate sections in projects!

This new feature will allow you to duplicate all tasks within a section of a project and shift due dates automatically, if necessary, saving you a ton of time & work!

With this new feature you can expect to be able to decide which task details to include, such as assignees, task descriptions, tags, collaborators, and more!


Some important notes:

  • Sections can only be duplicated in their source project, right now it’s not possible to duplicate them in other projects.

  • You can duplicate up to 15k tasks max at once.

  • It’s not possible to choose which tasks from the section will be copied. All tasks (including completed tasks) will automatically be copied

Please note this feature is rolling out gradually, it should become available to all eligible users in the next couple of days


That’s great :slight_smile:


Great and important feature Will this be available in “Premium Plan”?

Yes! :smiley:


How do I know if I’m an eligible user? I don’t see it as an option in my projects yet.

Just a quick note to let you know this feature is now available to all our users! :partying_face:

If you’re running into issues to access this feature, please create a new topic in Tips and Tricks and use Product Feedback to share your feedback!