Duplicate Project-Other Projects Option


In the Copy Project selection box (picture attached) could someone explain “other projects”. Is this the multi-homing of a task to multiple projects and if checked brings in all projects assigned to the task? Or is this something else.



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Hi @James_Carl, you’re 100% correct, you can use the “Other Projects” feature to make sure that tasks multihomed in your initial project are also multihomed in your duplicate :slight_smile:



Can I set up 2 Projects with the same or nearly the same name - and have one in Board View and one in List View? When I enter a comment in one, it will show in the other. Are there any downsides to this?



If you ever plan to use email task creation you cannot have two projects with same name. In addition be careful about using special characters that Asana converts to a hyphen which then can cause duplicate project names. If you use Teams consider a project naming syntax. For instance ACTY-Cash Reporting. For trying to have similar board or list view, consider multihoming a task to two project names. Updates should show on both.

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