Duplicate board from one Asana to another (different log in)?

I made an awesome 2022 goals board in Asana (it’s gorgeous!!) but to my heart-crushing realization, I made it in my WORK Asana board…NOT my personal private free Asana board.

Is there any way at all to copy my board over to my personal Asana? It took me what felt like YEARS to make my list (with colored tags, hierarchy, dates!!).

Many thanks (in advance) for any tips & tricks here :star_struck:

Hi @Heather_Palmer,

If they are truly in two separate Asana accounts and workspaces, it can’t be copied in Asana itself. There is a utility you can use to copy it: https://ditto.kothar.net/

Do note there are some limitations to what gets copied; those are listed on the Ditto web page.

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