Duplicate a task and move it

I want to duplicate a task, and move it to another project, but I don’t want the two projects to be connected. In other words, I don’t want both projects to show up in the details as being attached. Can this be done?

Just make sure you uncheck the “Include Projects” box, and neither Task will clutter the other’s Project(s). (If they did, you can edit each Task to remove the unwanted “homing” of the Task there.)


@Stephanie_Oberg is 100% correct. And to save yourself more time. You can grab up to 50 tasks at once by clicking the first task, holding Shift, and clicking the last task. This way you won’t have to do it individually.


Thank you so much! I did finally figure that out, but it’s great that you verified I did it correctly. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I did know about dragging more than one, but thanks for the info either way!

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