Due in 0 days not showing what's due today anymore



As of yesterday, my app stopped showing tasks due today. I’ve had the search for months. I tried another search where items due in 0 days that aren’t complete or any attachments and assigned to me. Nothing but tomorrow shows up. However, if I search there’s clearly tasks that I expect to see there.

As of today, this same use case is happening on the web app.

Anybody else experiencing this issue?


Hi @Suzan_Nascimento. Are you able to view your tasks due today in My Tasks? Perhaps there is an issue with the search itself, or perhaps you coincidentally do not have any tasks due today. We can navigate further once we know if you’re seeing your "today? tasks in My Tasks. Thanks!


Yes, I can see 6 tasks due today in My Tasks if I sort by Due Date.

If I switch to the My Tasks with None Sort, then I see 3 of those tasks due today under “Today” and 2 of those tasks due today under “New Tasks.” I can’t find the last one - got tired of scrolling.

My old Due Today search that only shows items tomorrow (not today or overdue anymore).

I think you’re right that there’s a new bug with the Search itself.

I can send screenshots if that helps. I took 4 and tried to upload but the system told me new users can only upload 1. Thx!


@Suzan_Nascimento Is there a reason you’re using a search and not simply My Tasks? My Tasks is the place we recommend folks view all the tasks that they have assigned to them.


They recently resolved a ‘bug’ that allowed for this type of search to happen, that’s why you’re only seeing due within 1 day instead of due within 1 day + overdue.

However I’ll echo what Alexis questioned - what purpose is this search serving over your ‘My Tasks’, which automatically pulls any task due today to your ‘today’ tab, and which you can change the view to sort by due date (so overdue, then recent).


Perhaps I haven’t been using the system the way it was intended.

I’ve tried the My Tasks in the past. However, I don’t like the My Tasks view because it lumps every project together in one view. I have projects for my personal life and others for my professional life. I don’t want to see them together. So I created a search called Due Today Personally and Due Today Professionally.

If in My Tasks I sort by Project, then it pulls in everything - due a year away, items that have no due date but are templates I’ve put together.

I wish then there was a way to View/Sort more on My Tasks and/or alternatively search for Due Today and search for Overdue. Is there?


Exact same issue… Search Criteria Change.

I contacted support and here’s the response thus far:
Thanks for reaching out to us.

You are absolutely correct, we did make a change to our Advanced Search functionality, so this behavior is intentional. Showing overdue tasks within “Due In Next 1 Days” search was not intentional, which was now fixed.

Having said that, are still looking into the advantages/disadvantages of this and really appreciate you reaching out with feedback.

As a workaround for overdue tasks, you could use Due Date within the Last X days (which can be up to 100 months). Although this would not show both, overdue and due within one day, you would have a way to search for your overdue tasks.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or input. As already mentioned, your feedback is very valuable for us.

Have a great day Richard!


The proposed solution seems to give late and due today tasks be default but you can’t see 1-2 out like I used to do for my projects.

For every big project I like a quick list of all (not just mine) overdue and due very soon tasks which I think is a similar usage case as @Suzan_Nascimento has.



Thanks Richard for the hack. Searching by Within the Last X Months creates my overdue and due today search again.

That said, I watched all the beginning Asana videos again. I recall not liking that I have to re-prioritize my Today. I also don’t like the sort order. If I sort to Due Date, then I get a long list again. That’s why I didn’t use it and found hacks to work. I like the UI of Asana and wanted to stay with this system.

I did find another workaround to make the Search give me what I need. For Due Date (regardless of choosing Within the Next or Within the Last), I put nothing in the days field. Not even a 0. I get all past due and all due going forward (which psychologically is overwhelming and makes me feel a little anxious). It’s not what’s overdue and due Today but it works for seeing everything overdue & future due.

I agree with Richard, it would be even better if we could create a Search view of just overdue tasks for me and/or others I manage and work with.


I got a note that the Asana team has heard the communities concerns and restored original functionality for the due within search (I typically use 2 or 3 days) so I can see late and near-term items.

I just checked and it appears to work as it did before now.