Due Date Pull-Down Calendar


I’d recommend that the due date pull-down get rebuilt such that the current week is always at the top. Presently it is organized showing the current month. For tasks I create this week (the last in the month), the pull-down view shows me the month of March, and none of April. So for almost every task, I will need to flip to the next month in order to assign a due date. There is no need to show the previous 30 days in the pull-down because I’m not going to create tasks with due dates in the past. At the beginning of the month, maybe no big deal, but at the end, I find this happening constantly. If the pull-down defaulted to the current week at the top, you could easily select any day in the next 30.



While the due date picker is being worked on, I hope the coders will also ensure that it’s always visible. When “Repeat” is clicked, it can move the picker up so that it’s no longer fully accessible depending on where the scroll bar is.