Due Date of sub-task is not showing up in Project Calendar

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Not sure if it’s a bug or by design, but it doesn’t feel consistent. When I set a due date to sub-task in a project I don’t see anything added in the projects

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set a due date on an existing sub-task
  2. Go to calendar, there’s no item in calendar

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Hi again @Joao_Almeida :slight_smile:

Sorry about the confusion here. I can confirm that this is currently the expected behaviour. Let me explain you why.

By default, subtasks do not automatically inherit the project from their parent task, reason why you are not seeing them in your project calendar. You will need to manually add a subtask to the project - try using the “Tab+P” shortcut to see them in your Project Calendar.

You can read more about it in the following guide article: https://asana.com/guide/help/tasks/subtasks#gl-subtask-project

This is a popular topic in the Forum and there is an existing thread requesting this functionality. If you haven’t yet, I would encourage you to cast your comment and vote: Allow to automatically add subtasks to project

Please let me know if you have any follow-up question! :slight_smile:

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