Due Date notification



Why did Asana team decide do not send notifications when Due Date is changing?

I’m as follower of the task would like to get notified about that important changes.


Hi Vitaly. While I’m unable to speak to why the team has not created a due date notification feature, I can say the team will be interested in hearing this suggestion. Thank you for your feedback!


It looks like assignees of tasks receive notifications of due date changes, but followers don’t. It does seem like notifying followers would make sense.

More on task assignees and followers:


Dear Craig, do you mean that it is Assignee responsibility to notify them through comments or something?

Best regards,
Vitaly Baum


That’s one option. Maybe the best way to put it is that followers are people who want to be notified of new attachments, new comments, new hearts, and when the task is completed. People who want to know other things (like when due dates change) need to make other arrangements.

It might be a good idea for a team or organization to develop standards for who should change due dates and who they should notify.


My first idea was that Due Date is more important than even comments in project management and followers usually are kind a stakeholders for the task

Best regards,
Vitaly Baum


Agreed - this creates a major pain point when putting together projects - the only way to see changes in due dates is to relentlessly check tasks - major time suck.


Please do not send notifications to followers when a due date changes.

We have external followers and we don’t want to spam them with emails every time we change a due date (which is very often).

Instead, if some users really do need this, then plz at least make it optional in the settings.


I would appreciate this function as optional…
At least task creator should be notified…