Due Date is Incorrect and not changing to new Day


So, Asana for some reason says that a task is due tomorrow, when it is actually today. It is a day out of sync, but when you click on the calendar for the due date, it says today, not tomorrow?? Any ideas?? I understand Asana uses the calednar on my Mac, which is the correct day…help would be great! Thanks


Just out of curiosity, are you from a country with a timezone very different from the US?


Yes, I am in Sydney. The issue happened after a trip to Western Australia - 2hrs difference, then when I arrived back in Sydney, the issue occurred. I am actually doing the same trip today, so here’s hoping it fixes itself! :smile:


Maybe Asana got confused by this…


The day and time in your Asana are automatically set based on your browser. It looks like you could have a browser date/time issue.