Due Date - Can it be extended?




It seems that you will recieve a reminder that a task is due a week prior to the actual due date. Is there any way to increase the time to say two weeks? Some tasks take longer to complete so I wanted to use the due date almost as a reminder to start the task as well as a reminder that the due date is coming up - is that possible?



Hi Joanne, The Start dates feature is useful for this very thing.


Hi @joanne! Not sure if you’re using the free or the premium version of Asana, but as @Elaine_C_Smith just mentioned, we offer a “start date” feature with the premium version. It allows you to let people know when they should start to work on their tasks and when they are due by. You can learn more about “start date” here.

With the free version, it’s a little more tricky, there isn’t any perfect way to do it, but here are a few bits you can look into:

  • Use the due date as a start date, and indicate the due date in the title or task’s description
  • extend the due date to a week later when your task is due