Due Date Arrives Webhook

Has anyone had success running a webhook based on task due date/time. Ex: When due date/time arrives, I’d like to trigger a post to the webhook URL.

ping @Phil_Seeman for help

Thanks. @Phil_Seeman Can you help out here?

Hi @AsanaPro and welcome to the forum,

Filtering on a specific due date, or a due date arriving, is not a supported type of webhook filter.

But you should be able to filter on only changes to task due dates, by setting a webhook with a filter similar to the one shown in the sample in the API docs here.

I haven’t done it myself but you should be able to set a project-level filter like:

  "action": "changed",
  "fields": [
  "resource_type": "task"

If it works like I believe it should, you would receive a webhook event every time a task due date is changed in the project. You would have to add the logic on your end to decide if the due date/time had arrived or not.

Very helpful. Thanks for your help here.

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