Due date and time zones



After doing a quick search, I realise that the time zone in Asana is based on the local IP address. Most users with similar issues seem to be doing work over various time zones, whereas I’m not. I’m based in Australia, and setting up the tasks myself (to be due in AEST time).

However, for all my tasks that are due today, I get notifications (via my Asana phone app) that they are due tomorrow instead. Which means the notifications come through a day late. And therefore a bit pointless.

Any tips on how I can fix these notifications to be sent through on the day they are due?


Hi @miss.spiked :wave:t3: Is this only happening with your mobile push notifications?


Yes. It happens with all my different workspaces too. All todays tasks come up as tomorrow.


Thanks for the follow-up @miss.spiked. Is this also happening on your desktop or is it only related to mobile? If the issue is also happening on your desktop, I’d recommend reaching out directly to our support team following this path:

asana.com/support > “I’m having trouble with” > Scroll down and click on the “Let’s chat” button

Keep us posted!


Yup, just on my mobile push notifications.

My desktop and mobile app (when inside) states the correct deadline.