Dropping the ball in task conversations



Asana helps my marketing team through the day by keeping track of tasks in our many projects (150+ projects with 100+ tasks in every poject). As long as someone is owner of a task it´s hard to miss anything because they show up in “My tasks”. But I sometimes feel that it´s easy to drop the ball when you ask someone a question in task conversation where there are no task owner…

What I´m trying to explain is that I sometimes would like to have a log over questions I have asked others… Because, sometimes I have to remind them of answering… I can offcorse see tasks I have assigned to others but I dont´t want to create a subtask for a question. I realize that this is a question of team diciplin and having control over ones own inbox, but that is not always the case in busy work periods…

Is this a future product development or just my team needing more diciplin?



My first feeling was “why not create a task and assign it to the person instead of asking a simple question ?”. But I actually stumbled upon the same issue a few days ago, realized colleagues did not answer me on several Conversations and had to scroll through them to check. So I agree there is an issue here, not sure Asana can solve it with something else than task though. But I think that a conversation still feels a bit “human” where assigning a task is not…


Would it be possible to post these questions in Project conversation with the @person of who you are asking and then do an advanced search for such items over the last X number of days?


Hi @Johan_Welander, I agree with the @James_Carl on this one-- Using project conversations has really streamlined the way that I talk with project members.

One other option is this-- when you ask a question within a task, re-assign that task to the person you’d like to answer. This will put the onus on that team member to keep the ball rolling. If the question is never answered, that person has to answer for the entire task (because they kept it on hold!).


Maybe if i use a uniq keyword as a tag every time i ask a question I could create and save a search…?


We created a “Question” tag that we put on tasks with open questions in them or for tasks that are only for questions. You could maybe have a personal tag you put on tasks you want to keep track of. I have a similar thread where I was hoping to get a way to see all the comments I’ve made by date. I created a custom search (I put instructions on how to do it in the thread) but I’m starting to see that it’s not necessarily sorted by my most recent comment and you have to scroll a lot to find your latest comment in each task, but it’s not horrible.