Dropdown to choose members or tags (without typing a letter to see more results)

The only place that I see a dropdown list to choose from is when you click on “Assignee.”
But there are other places that we need to pick something like a collaborator or a tag, and there we don’t get a list; we have to click a letter and then see only items that start with that letter.

I just started with Asana and don’t have many members and tags yet but not once have I forgotten the name of a member or tag I know I needed and I had to start guessing letters to see them in the list to choose from.

This can be especially frustrating with members that use emails that are not similar to their real names, which would make it impossible to know what name to look for when needing to add a collaborator.

Would it be too much to ask to show us a list of all possible, existing options for any dropdown, as we have when choosing assignees?

Since I don’t see the ability to edit a post, I to correct a typo here:

…but MORE THAN once have I forgotten…

I HAVE to correct a typo here:

Hi @Zvi_Twersky,

There’s already a Product Feedback topic for having “users” as a type of dropdown custom field; you can vote for it here:

I agree having a users custom field type would be very useful.

I think the argument for having a similar one for tags is not so strong; first, why would you need a custom field when you can just tag the task itself; and second, unlike users it would probably require having a multi-select capability. What’s your use case for needing a custom field dropdown with tags in it? I’m open to being convinced… :slight_smile:


Hi @Zvi_Twersky, thanks for reaching out! I’m moving this thread to our #tipsandtricks category to continue with the topic about tags. I recommend you to upvote for your second request in the thread shared by Phil. Thank you!

That thread is not talking about my post. They are asking to add a custom field. I am not asking about custom fields, but rather fields that already exist in Asana.

For example:

  1. When you click to add a collaborator, you get a collaborator field, but you don’t see a list of users to choose from as you do when you click on an “assignee” field.

  2. When you click to add a tag, you don’t get a list of existing tags.

  3. In an advanced search, when you click on a field, eg: "Assignee, “In project,” etc, you don’t get a list of existing items. (you DO get a list when you already added a project and click on the dropdown arrow to choose a section!)

My request is for EXISTING fields (tags, collaborators); that they get a dropdown of existing items when clicked on; like “assignee” does.

@Zvi_Twersky I see what you are saying. I’m actually concerned that a drop down for tags and users might not be as useful for others because of the sheer number of users and tags across an organization. However, I see the value of knowing what the options are without having to know what to search for. In that case, I would suggest the following two references:

List of tags: minimalist work - Work less with better tools and methods

Lists of users: Admin Console • Asana


If this would be confusing when you have many members then why does Asana display the member dropdown when assigning an assignee?

Sorry if there was a misunderstanding. I wasn’t suggesting that a drop down would be confusing. I was implying it might be more difficult to find the selection you were looking for when having an exhaustive list to scroll through. That said, I don’t see the assignee field as a true drop down field. Today it shows those you most recently assigned work to and then begins to predict your selection based on the name you begin to spell out.

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That’s exactly what I was asking for in my original post! To have this in other selection modes like tags and collaborators! I was asking for the “not a true dropdown” that we get when adding an assignee.

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I see what you mean @Zvi_Twersky! I’m moving your thread back to the #productfeedback category to allow other users to upvote and to also keep you updated about this request. Sorry for the confusion here, I sometimes automatically associate the word drop-down with custom fields :slightly_smiling_face: