Dragging tasks in My Tasks can result in a task being assigned to another project

I was re-ordering tasks in “My Tasks” and must’ve dragged a task into a task that was grouped by project. This resulted in that task (I believe it was a subtask) getting moved to that project.

This seems like something that shouldn’t be possible in this view. There is no clear feedback of this change and allows users to easily mess up where tasks live.

I tried to replicate this in Chrome/Win 10 and could not. Is it still happening?

HI @jsun and thanks for reaching out!

That’s correct, if your My Tasks is sorted by project and you move a task from “No project” to “Project 1” for example, the task will automatically belong to Project 1. The task history can be super handy to understand what changes were made to a task, however if you make multiple changes to the task in a row, it will only record the last change made. For more technical background, have a look at this other thread: https://forum.asana.com/t/gaps-in-story-event-reporting/34238

Hope this helps @jsun!