Drag & Drop Rules (Creating custom rule order)

Hi there,
As a team that uses a lot of rules, I’m curious if anyone else has found a need for this. Our primary project has upwards of 26 rules to manage our approvals process across various designers & copywriters. As staffing & process changes, I do need to go in fairly regularly to make tweaks/pause rules for periods of time. Since Rules Names are not visible in the side panel without hovering individually, it would be helpful to be able to drag and drop/reorder/group rules to make them easier to manage since only 5 are visible at a time.

For example, if my Copy workflow is the most regularly used/updated the ability to group all of the rules impacting that workflow at the top of the project would help save time when troubleshooting rules or making changes.



I agree this would be useful, seeing the name would be even more.
If your workflow revolves around sections, you can also use the Workflow tab to get a better understanding/overview.

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I have a board with 41 rules (a set for each team member) that I would also LOVE to reorder and organize so that it’s easier for me to tweak. Please add this feature!

Totally voting for this! I have a board with 40+ rules, and they’re so mixed up. The OCD part of me hates it. I want to group items based on their function and I can’t. :sob: I also find it much harder to find a specific Rule at times. I have to go hunting for it. Please add this feature for us! :pray:

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Please please please! This is critical to putting appropriate routing in place for certain workflows.

YES! I could not agree more with this! It would make my life about 1000x easier!