Drag and drop tasks in the search


Hello! Previously, in the saved partition search, when selecting the sorting “as in the project”, you could drag the tasks between sections and change the order in the section, it was convenient.
Now you can drag jobs only when you open the whole project. When you view the entire project (large project), the interface is slow . Can you return the ability to drag and drop tasks in the search?


I was using drag-and-drop from search to add a created task as a subtask to an existing task. As drag-and-drop is not possible in search anymore, I can’t move the task to a subtask.

Would be great if drag-and-drop would be re-enabled in search. Or if there is another way to move an existing task to a subtask.


Now you can’t move tasks with Ctrl+↑ / Ctrl+↓.
asana is getting more and more inconvenient