Drag and drop tasks from one project to another while tasks are ordered alphabetically


It is possible, and very convenient, to drag and drop tasks directly from one project to another by using the handle to the left of the “tick”. However, this can only be done if the task you are trying to drag is in a project with the default view.

If the project tasks are sorted alphabetically, this suddenly can’t be done any more.

Confirmed using both Chrome and Firefox on Windows 10.


@Michas_Richter It used to be a feature but not any more. Check out this post Moving Tasks



Luckily there are bugs and some of the time on some of my computers it still works … (even the software itself knows it is an important feature)


@Jason_Woods That is actually incorrect. It is a feature and it definitely does work, but only as long as the project tasks aren’t sorted:

I can drag a task from a project that is not sorted, into a different project that is sorted alphabetically, but I am not able to drag it back, since it is now in a sorted project… It seems like a silly little thing that should take about ten lines of code to fix…

You are right that the feature was once removed (don’t know when, sometime in 2016), but it was reintroduced about a month ago as this thread clearly shows.

The post you are referencing is similar to my issue but not quite, thanks for your reply none the less :slight_smile: