Drag and drop task order


Hi–I like that I can sort My Tasks according to due date, but it would be useful to be able to drag and drop tasks up and down the list. On a given day, I sometimes want to prioritize tasks by listing them in the order that I want to complete them, and that order may change as events unfold throughout the day.


Good news, @Nik_F – you can do this. In the desktop version, just hover your mouse to the left of the task’s checkmark and you’ll get a “handle” you can drag up and down. In the mobile app, press and hold on a task and you can drag it up or down.

You can also created sections in My Tasks just like in any project list, by ending the task name with a colon ( : ). And you can create tasks in My Tasks that aren’t in a project anywhere else. In fact, My Tasks in my Personal Projects workspace uses both of these features – it’s my personal to-do list divided into sections, with no projects at all.


hmm…when I use the web app, I can see the handle, and I can even select
multiple tasks, but nothing happens when I try to move a task up or down
the list.


OK, reording tasks by drag and drop works in My Tasks if the tasks are sorted by project, but not if sorted by date. Make the latter function available would be useful. I realize that that defeats the purpose of sorting by date, but sometimes it is useful while working.


Ah, I hadn’t thought of that. I don’t actually sort My Tasks automatically – I made my own sections.


Is there a way to reorder tasks if they are sorted by due date and not by project?


Not that I’m aware of…though apparently I’m not the only one who wants this feature @Craig_Fifer :wink:


I agree. I would like to reorder the tasks after creating them. (i.e. The ability to move/reorder my tasks with the same due date to setup my priorities for the day.) Glad I am not the only one. Thanks for asking these questions guys!


Yes this feature would be really nice. I’ve got anywhere between 10-20 tasks per day, and being able to sort them according to priority would be nice!


The workaround I’ve found for now is to use the “none” sorting option, marking the tasks as either today, upcoming or later, then create sections and drag and drop your tasks to where you want them


I would LOVE this feature, too!


Yes, we’re all still waiting for this feature to be added! Please add it,



This would be really helpful, thanks


+1 for allowing drag-and-drop re-sort by Due Date sort!
(Just took me 15 minutes to find this thread and figure this out.)
Thanks Nik_F!


I’m brand new to Asana- today is day 1 and I’m using the online version on my laptop. I too would like to organize my tasks for the day by prioroty. Has this function been set up yet? I realize this thread is a year old so I’m hoping some updates have been made. I’ve tried to hold the task and drag it but that doesn’t seem to work. Please let me know what my options are. Thanks!