Drag and Drop from Board Project to Project in the sidebar

When I want to drag a task from a List project and drop it in the left nav bar on a specific project name it works fine, but when I want to do the same from Board project it’s not working at all. And I personally don’t see the difference between them, so I think they should work the same way for both type of projects.

Hi @Damian_Fok and welcome to the Forum!

Can you confirm if you’re able to reproduce this issue from an incognito window or another browser? I just tested it and was able to move a task from a List project to a Board project within my sidebar!

Hi @Marie
Google Chrome, newest version. And yes I’m also able to move task from a list project to a board project. But I’m unable to do it other way round. I can’t move a task from a Board project to a List project or basically to any other project that is on the side bar. I can drag the task and drop it in any column in my Board project. But I’m not able to move it to a different project.

For creative Tasks I mostly use the board view to have the additional dimension horizontally to organize by drag and drop.
But it is extremly hindering to not be able to Change/add Projects of the Tasks per drag&drop to the sidemenu.

And actually do I not understand why a Project can’t have both - listview and boardview.
The chapters could be the column headers organized by left to Right instead of top to bottm.

Steps to reproduce:

Take a Task in listview and drag it to a Project in the left menu.
And then try the same with a Task in board view.

Hi @Bjoern_Lilleike, welcome to the Community Forum!

I see what you mean. It is currently not possible to drag and drop tasks from the board view to a project in the sidebar. We already have a thread in our product feedback category. I have gone ahead and merged your post with Drag and Drop from Board Project to Project in the sidebar to centralize feedback. hope you don’t mind!

Regarding your question about the ability to switch between List and Board, our team is currently working on this and we hope to have news soon. For more information please have a look at this thread: Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)

Let me know if you have any questions! :wink:

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