Drag and Drop from Board Project to List Project


When I want to drag a task from a List project and drop it in the left nav bar on a specific project name it works fine, but when I want to do the same from Board project it’s not working at all. And I personally don’t see the difference between them, so I think they should work the same way for both type of projects.


Hi @Damian_Fok and welcome to the Forum!

Can you confirm if you’re able to reproduce this issue from an incognito window or another browser? I just tested it and was able to move a task from a List project to a Board project within my sidebar!


Hi @Marie
Google Chrome, newest version. And yes I’m also able to move task from a list project to a board project. But I’m unable to do it other way round. I can’t move a task from a Board project to a List project or basically to any other project that is on the side bar. I can drag the task and drop it in any column in my Board project. But I’m not able to move it to a different project.