Downloading Projects


I recently saw the new feature of uploading a CSV which would in turn create a project, which I think is great! Is it possible to take an existing project and do the opposite in a sense? So you can download everything into a CSV, which you could then edit and re-upload into the new project?


You have the export feature

but the CSV import does not cover everything the export does so this is not working both ways (yet)


Hi @Meghan1, just to add to what @Bastien_Siebman, said you can also have a look at this article from our guide: If you have any other question, let us know, we’ll be happy to help! :slight_smile:


This was very helpful! I feel like this will alleviate a lot of work in terms of collaboration. Great feature!


Hello. I would like to take a related tangent to this question of being able to export a Project.

We are relatively new (Jan2017) to Asana, but are really finding it useful. So useful in fact, that we are now using it as a project management platform to work with outside partners. One of our outside partners already was using Asana for their project management, so they just invited our team to the Project they created in ‘their’ workspace.

All of this is fine, except… I’m thinking forward to when this project gets completed. I want to retain information and aspects about how this project was managed. What are my options for exporting, downloading, retaining the data related to this project after completion and after we are no longer members of this partner company’s workspace?

When I look at the options for the Project (left sidebar), there is no ‘Export’ option. Only Copy, Archive and Delete.

Is this a blindspot for Asana in joint multi-company projects? I’m interested in finding a solution. Thanks!


Hello Marie. Thanks for the response. I do see that I have the same ‘Export/Print’ options that you do, except for ‘Sync to Google Sheets…’, which I do NOT have. I tried both the CSV and JSON export.

The CSV export is fine for exporting the Tasks and SubTasks but does NOT include the comment stream.

The JSON export seems to contain Tasks, SubTasks and Comment stream, but is less easy to browse as a human being. :wink:

I don’t see any method within Asana to ‘import’ a JSON file. Do you know if that is a possibility? If so, when our joint project is completed, I could export JSON from the partner’s Asana organization, and import the JSON into our Asana organization and have full view of how the project was executed. Is that a possibility?

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: