Downloading and maintaing the look and feel of Asana


Any way to download and maintain the look and feel of the portfolio view, the board view or the timeline view into csv/excel or pdf so that I can copy and paste into a power point slide? It looks like when the page is downloaded, all formatting is lost.

Appreciate the help.



Hi Ashe,

Just to clarify, what information are you hoping to have in the presentation? Can you take a screenshot of the part of the project in Asana for the presentation?



Hello Katie, Can I maintain the shown format/color when the information is downloaded? Or is the only option to either take a screen shot or snip the image and copy into word or power point? Thanks.


Hello Ashe,

The two main way to download information from Asana, with the exception of calendar syncing, are based on text files. CSV files are text files where information is separated by a comma and JSON files are text files written with JavaScript object notation. Neither method will retain any other data, such as formatting. If you are looking to show the information for a presentation, I think the best would be via screenshot of the project, like you have here. If you are using the project as an agenda for a team meeting, our team just brings up Asana on the tv in the meeting room and we work through the agenda within Asana, taking notes in Asana as we go. You could do this or you could toggle between a Powerpoint presentation and Asana during the meeting.

I hope that helps,