Download Description Data

I have downloaded all data from a project but can’t see all the description information within each task - how do I get this info downloaded? Is it upgrade my package - if so which version


I just tried exporting a project as CSV and there is a column called “Notes” where I can see the tasks descriptions.

Hope that helps

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Hi @Kaye_Sutcliffe,

@Bastien_Siebman is correct, your task descriptions will appear in the “note” column!

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Thanks guys - I did this for a small project ( around 50 or so tasks) and the notes section was filled with all the details.
When I did this for a larger project - i.e. over 300+ tasks, the notes section is empty.

That does sound strange! Could you please forward to our support team a copy of you CSV as well as the URL of the project for them to look into this issue?

Don’t hesitate to share the URL of this thread too so you don’t have to re-explain everything from scratch!

How long does the support team take to get back to you at the moment? I sent this request 4 days ago - is there a lag at the moment?

Apologies for the delay @Kaye_Sutcliffe, I’ve sent a note to our team, they should be in touch soon!

Also make sure to not email them again, if you do your ticket will start the pile from the bottom :sweat_smile: