Double homing tasks assigned dynamically through template creation


Hoping someone can help me solve this.

I have a template that has dynamic roles so when you create a project using the template, you can assign a person to a role and it will populate across the various tasks. I also have created a rule that when a task is assigned to a specific individual, it will also double home that tasks to an additional project. The problem is that the rule doesn’t seem to be able to run during the project creation. I have done a couple tests and once the project has finished completing, the rule (though registered as active) doesn’t pick up that specific tasks have been already assigned to a specific individual and therefore doesn’t do the double homing.

Is it therefore not possible to run a trigger of [task assigned = XX assignee] >> [Add to another project - add to an additional project - choose a project - choose a column] if the assignee takes place during project creation from template with dynamic roles? Or is there another way to run this rule?


Hi @Brett_Melvill-Smith1 , welcome to the forum :wave:
Indeed, the issue your are facing is because the once the project is created from a template, the tasks are created and assigned before the rule is created in the project, thus it misses it’s trigger. I have tried this in the past and confirm this is the current behaviour.

I’m sure there is a similar thread about this issue that we could merge your post into. Perhaps @Andrea_Mayer (the forum merger :sweat_smile: ) can help and perhaps the other @pforumleader s can also weigh in on a workaround… cos I’m stumped! :person_shrugging:



You’ve run into an unfortunate “gotcha” as @Richard_Sather noted.

The simplest workaround is to include an instruction task at the top of the project reminding the instantiator of the project of the template to carry out the workaround and then mark this task complete.

The workaround:

  • Select all tasks assigned of that role assignee (you can sort by Assignee first if it makes that easier)
  • Assign all tasks to yourself by clicking any selected task’s Assignee cell; they will then all change
  • Assign all tasks back to the original role assignee

Hope that helps,



Thank you both for your feedback

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