Dosplaying custom fields in Google Calendar

Hi, we’ve created a project showing all upcoming events in the region and made it publicly visible by integrating Asana with Google Calendar. Each task with a due date = an event shown on google calendar.

The challenge is that the calendar only displays the Task name (=Event title in google calendar) and description (=Event description). Instead, or in addition to showing the Task description, we would like the Event descriptions to display all the custom fields in the task. Is that possible please? Also, would it be possible to display one of the custom fields as the event Location?

It is currently not possible. I am not sure if Asana or Google are working on this integration.
For now, your best bet is to custom code the fact that custom fields should also be displayed in the description.

Even with code we can’t change the Location field on events. Unless re-coding the entire integration yourself of course.

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