Domain User without Invite

Hi Asana please take care urgently: any user, with an email of an organization (domain), may enter in Asana, linked to organization, even if he hasn’t an invite.

Hi @Riccardo_Mares :wave:t3:

This is an expected behaviour! Anyone in org with a email address can automatically join your Organisation. If some of your colleagues don’t know Asana you can invite them to join, but this is also something they can do on their own :slight_smile: More info in this guide article:

Hope this helps!

Sorry but I see it as a security bug.
You can’t relate a partecipation to a project management tool with the membership.

For company with a limited user plan, every time someone is added to a project (for error) it automatically enter in the Asana Organization of that domain.

I think the best thing you can do it’s to add an optional control “Admins need to confirm a new organization member”.


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I believe they will get added but then you get a warning you are over the limit for a few days, giving you a chance to remove that person (or others).

Yes I know, but it’s a palliative.
It’s sad to hear from Asana that it’s an “expected behavior”, as if really ASANA thinks that every member of a company has the right to access to the project management tool of the same company!