Does the privacy of tasks and collaborators remain intact when I convert workspace to organisation?

I am planning to convert from Workspace to Organisation, as we have official email ids now and we feel the need for teams. I have certain tasks which are private just to me and certain tasks which has only few members from the team as collaborators. I would like to know if converting from Workspace to Organisation will make these tasks public to all members of the organization. We are not on premium account currently.

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Hi @Mohit_Virmani! No worries, converting your Workspace into an Organization will not affect your tasks privacy; tasks that were private to you will remain private to you and people following tasks in your Workspace will remain collaborators of these tasks after the conversion!

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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Thank you Marie!

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Hi Marie,

I would like to reassure something. Suppose a user, “User A” in my workspace does not have access (is not a collaborator) to a task (let’s say) “Task 1”, while “User B” and “User C” have the access (are collaborators) to this task. In this case, will the “User A” post-conversion (workspace into the organisation) be able to access the “Task 1”?

Thanks a lot.

HI @Mohit_Virmani when converting your Workspace into an Organization, your workspace essentially becomes a Team of your new Organization. After the conversion, user A will become member of the Team “OLD_WORKSPACE_NAME”. User A will only have access to “Task 1” if this task belongs to a public project ( or if User is a member of this project.

If you want to be sure that User A doesn’t have access to this task, make sure to set the project permissions to “private to project members” (, this project permission won’t be changed during the conversion which will ensure you that User A doesn’t have access to Task 1!

Hope this helps!

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