Does the Google Sheets integration for Dashboards help you?



I was planning to create a resource on the Google Sheets integration for the Dashboards. But I’m struggling to find use cases for what to do with the data that’s brought over from Asana.

Most of the data has to do with counts of tasks…number complete, incomplete, how many each person completed in last week, etc. It seems to me that most data about numbers of tasks is kind of useless since tasks can be used in a variety of ways, not to mention require vast amounts of different time or expertise to complete. If you were judging someone’s effectiveness by how many tasks they completed, I think roles like administrative assistants would win every time even though there are plenty of other valuable roles.

Does anyone use the Google Sheets integration for any helpful use cases?


I don’t. And I’ve genuinely tried, because I love google sheets and all of that, but it’s just not really very helpful to measure progress by tasks completed, etc.

I think it’s a good step forward to have it be automatically updated/generated, but if we could get more customized dashboard statuses it would be nice - ex: measuring progress by a custom field (hours left, what have you) instead of tasks incomplete/completed (and setting it for each project, default or customized).

I’m curious if anyone uses it the way it is now…


I agree, I can’t barely use any of the data on the live source data tab, I was scanning through the community posts to see if anybody has found a way to add custom information onto this tab. I would like to track which issues are open or closed in each one of my projects.


I would love to see a dashboard export to Google Sheets. For anyone working with clients, this would be a great way to share project status/updates without allowing the client to be directly involved in Asana.


@Emma_Daitz Have you tried the current Google Sheets export feature? You can see more information about it here


honestly, the integration is so limited, it’s making me cry! especially given the potential with custom fields in projects. you could create almost anything using these two tools., e.g. a custom sales pipeline (+ reporting/forecasting) which you manage with the ease and beauty of asana and analyse with the power of sheets…

now, for any useful integration you have to build custom zapier apps (and the debugging is a headache)


I am currently building some management board versions with high level overview about KPI status of projects.

@jerrin, since you were mentioned by @Alexis as point of contact at Asana for this integration, can you already say when you will have a custom field transfer from Asana to Google.
To have the information from Custom Fields would be really helpful.

Otherwise project owners would need to maintain the data inside Asana AND Google Sheets, which will lead to friction and dissatisfaction.


We’ve been using the Asana and Google Sheets Integration provided by

They have a lot of actions and triggers which you can select according to your particular use case. Apart from that, you also have inbuilt templates which you can use to get started right away.

Can check this integration here -